Why Skyscanner Is My Favourite Travel Search Engine

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If you have never used Skyscanner while making travel plans then you really should check it out. I am obsessed with this website! Lately I spend at least 15 minutes every morning looking at the deals they have to offer and dreaming about the places I could visit. The website is a one stop shop for your travel booking needs. It helps you find the lowest prices for any destination in the world, that fits all budgets. So what is so great about Skyscanner and why I am I obsessed?  Well let me tell you. And no I am not being paid by Skyscanner to write this post, I am writing it out of true obsession.

1. It gives you multiple options to search for various dates

If you are flexible with the dates you can travel, Skyscanner gives you the option to search for the best deals for a specific date, for today, tomorrow, for a date in a week, for a whole month, and even a whole year. This allows you to find the best deal and the best dates to travel. Best to use this before requesting your vacation from work to determine when you will be able to save the most money! 

2. It scans a number of websites to find you the best deal

Skyscanner will search a number of websites, including airline and discount sites to find the best deal. You will then be able to purchase directly from the website it finds.

3. Not sure where you want to go? Use the “Everywhere” feature!

If you are looking to go on vacation but don’t know where, or can’t make up your mind,  then type “Everywhere” for your destination while doing your search. Skyscanner will then generate a list of places that are the cheapest to fly to from your departure city. This feature opens up a window of opportunities of where your next holiday can take place.

4. Searches for great hotel and car rental deals

Just like Skyscanner looks at the best airplane ticket deals,  it also searches for the best deals for hotels and car rentals. It is truly a one stop shop!

5. It is free!

Best of all, Skyscanner is free to use! They also have a free app that you can download and look at deals while on the go. 

*Tip!* For the best deals, be sure to always clear your browser search history before searching and making a purchase. As rumour has it, clearing your browser history will give you the lowest prices possible.

Have you used Skyscanner? Let me know your thoughts!

Happy Travels Everyone!


3 thoughts on “Why Skyscanner Is My Favourite Travel Search Engine”

  1. Thank you Andrea! I was looking for a search engine with "open destination" since ages and thought I would surely find it here 😀
    About clearing the broswer I am not sure… I have the feeling that maybe it is connected to the IP adress.. but something defenitely has an influence!

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