The Best Place to Camp in Ontario

If you ever plan on going camping in one of Ontario’s more popular provincial parks during a long weekend, be prepared to plan well in advance. Ontario Parks’ campsites typically fill up quickly, especially during long weekends. That is why I was completely shocked that I was able to get a campsite at my favourite provincial park a week before the long weekend.


Tent Life
While I was trying to decide which of the remaining parks I wanted to camp at, I happened to refresh the booking page and saw that a campsite opened up at Pinery Provincial Park. Although I had never been camping at the Pinery, I had spent many summer days soaking in the sun on its beautiful sandy beaches. I knew I wouldn’t be disappointed with the campsite that I booked, considering I did not have a choice (it was the only available one).
There are three different sites you can camp at: Dunes, Riverside, and Burley. Dunes and Burley campgrounds are situated on the shores of Lake Huron, while Riverside (as the name implies) are situated along the Old Ausable Channel. At first I was disappointed that we were not close to the beach, but after arriving and seeing our campsite, my feelings quickly changed.

Our campsite all set up
The campsite that we were at had lots of room for our very large tent (it was the first time we used it so we are happy that the site was big enough for it). It also had a power outlet which came in handy to charge our batteries. For those who are lucky enough to have an RV, there is a charging station available as well. We had to walk to where the comfort stations were to get the water, but this is pretty typical of most campsites I have been to. I should mention that the comfort stations are clean and well kept.

Things To Do 

Canoeing at Pinery Provincial Park

There are a variety of things to do at Pinery Provincial Park from hiking, to swimming, to canoeing, to camping, to bird watching. Pinery really has something for everyone. One of my two favourite things to do there is go swimming and soak in the sun on the beautiful sandy beach.

Walk to the beach to beach #3

There are a number of beaches to choose from. As a camper you can also get access to the beach located by the Dunes Campsite. My favourite spot would have to be at beach #6 because it is the furthest away from the parking lot so most people don’t want to do the walk. But the walk is absolutely beautiful! It also happens to be one of the least crowded beaches in the park, at least I found it to be like that whenever I have gone.

My pictures don’t even come close to showing the beauty of the walk to beach #6.
Beach #6 on a cloudy day

My second favourite thing to do at Pinery is watch the sunset. The sunsets over Lake Huron are among the most beautiful sunsets I have ever seen (the best are still in California). There is nothing better than to end a beautiful summer day by watching the sunset with the one you love. Radojko and I enjoyed the sunset each night that we were at the park, and we would fall in love with it over and over again. The colours that come out during the sunset are a photographer’s dreams come true. Unfortunately I didn’t bring my camera so all I have is these cellphone shots.

Sunset on the beach
Sunset over Lake Huron
After the sunset

Once you are finished watching the sunset on the beach, head back to your campsite for a campfire and S’Mores! For me, that is the best way to end any camp day, don’t you agree?

Ending the day with a campfire

What to Bring?

It is up to you what you want to bring when you go camping. I prefer to pack light, yet be ready for all the weather that could happen (rain, chilly nights, hot days, etc.). Pinery Provincial Park has its own store where you can stock up on supplies you might have missed. You can also leave the camp and shop at one of the stores near by.

The best burgers and ice cream in town

If you don’t feel like cooking, I would recommend going to Best’s for a delicious burger. If you just want a refreshing treat, be sure to try one of their homemade ice cream’s. You will not be disappointed.

Delicious homemade ice cream from Best’s!

If you end up missing being in a city or town, Grand Bend is close by, but for me personally, I would take a day at Pinery over a day at Grand Bend any day!

Have you been to Pinery before? Let me know your thoughts about the park in the comments below. For information about going to Pinery for a day trip, take a look at my post on Pure Ontario and be sure to follow them as well.

Happy Travels!


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