Serbia in Pictures

Drive to the top of Kopaonik

Having spent three months in Serbia this summer, I feel I should share some of my favourite pictures. I have many more on my Instagram page, but since not everyone has an Instagram account, I figured I would share some here as well. I hope you enjoy them as much as I do!

(Walk along the Sava River in Belgrade)

(Entrance to Potpecka Cave)

(Sopacani monastery near Novi Pazar)

(View from the top of Pancicev Vrh, Kopaonik)
(Kopaonik on a sunny day)

(Kopaonik on a cloudy day)

(Zica Monastery near Kraljevo)

(Zica Monestary near Kraljevo)
(Ljubic Brdo in Cacak)

(A church in Atomska Banja Gornja Trepca)
(Sunset along the Morava River in Cacak)
(Sunset in Zlatibor)
(Kalamegdan Fortress, Belgrade, with my niece)
(Kalamegdan Fortress, Belgrade)

(Meerkat at the Belgrade Zoo)
(Riding on the back of a motorbike)
(Fields in Western Serbia)
(Entrance to the village of Potpece)
(More fields)

(Getting close to Ovcar Banja)

(Hills near Ovcar Banja)
(Very unique sunset in Belgrade. No filters were used)

Hope you enjoyed the pictures!

Happy travels!


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