Meersburg – Small Town in Germany with Lots of Charm

(Lower part of the town of Meersburg, Germany)

People often ask me “what’s your favorite place that you have been to?”, and to be quiet honest,  I have a few. Although Italy has been the most beautiful country that I have visited, and remains on the number one spot, Germany comes in at a close second. What I love about Germany is how organized everything seems to be. Everything seems in place. And neat. Very neat. Although I have been to Dresden, Berlin, and Munich, the town that caught my eye and won my heart over was Meersburg. Before visiting my friend Sascha this summer, who lives in a town close to Meersburg, I had never even heard of this place. However, this is now a town that will stick in my memory forever. And let me tell you why.

(Beautiful restaurant in Meersburg)

Meersburg is a town located on the shores of Lake Constance, in southwestern Germany. It is not a big town, and quite honestly, you only need the morning or an afternoon to see it all. We started our morning off by walking around the town, which is predominantly pedestrian in the upper and lower town. We eventually came across one of the two castles in the town, called Burg Meersburg.

(Me in front of Burg Meersburg)

Sascha and I decided to do a tour of the castle, which was not very cheap (10.80 Euros per person, and that is the student rate!). The tour was also only available in German, but luckily for me, Sascha speaks German and was able to translate everything for me. I would still recommend the tour if you are visiting the town as it offers beautiful views of the town and Lake Constance, plus the castle is well decorated and there is quite a bit to see. 

(View of the town from Burg Meersburg)

There is also another castle in Meersburg, called Neues Schloss. We did not enter this castle, but I believe it is now used as a museum (or at least that is what good old Google tells me). Still very beautiful to see, even if it is just from the outside. 

(Me in front of the New Castle in Meersburg)
After the tour we decided to grab some ice cream. There appear to be quite a few ice cream shops in this town, but we picked one that was in the lower part of the town (unfortunately I do not remember the name). The ice cream that I had was called Sweet Woodruff, which is made out of a plant I had never heard of before. And it was delicious! We did not have lunch in this town as the prices were pretty steep. We packed our own lunch, and ate it in a park overlooking the lake.

(Tropical plants and trees along the coast of Lake Constance)

The climate around the lake is quite unique. It remains warm during the winter months, and there appear to be quite a few vineyards in the area. I even spotted a few palm trees! I felt like I was visiting the seaside somewhere in Europe, and not like I was in Germany.

(Buildings of Meersburg)

I would love to visit this town around Christmas time. I can only imagine how beautiful it looks when it is all decorated for the holidays. I hope that one day I will be able to! 

I hope you enjoyed this post and these photos as much as I enjoyed visiting this town. 

Happy Travels Everyone!


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  1. Love Germany! I also went to a small town in the southwest called Rust where my cousin lives and it was the most memorable part – even more than Paris, London and Rome!

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