Guest Post: How To Survive An Airport Layover

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Sometimes booking the cheapest airplane ticket might mean having a long layover at a connecting airport. This can be a pain in a butt to some, but for others it could be a whole new fun filled adventure. This month I am featuring a guest post written by Jess from Tripelio. Her tips will help you survive the long layover, whether that be because of how you booked your ticket or because of a delay. 

Sometimes layovers can leave us bored for hours on end, as we’re only prepared to unpack at the final destination. But with these curated tips, your layovers can be just as fun as your destination. Never go bored again!
Explore The City

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Depending on how long your layover is and how far you want to go, you can always explore the city you’re in so you have another one checked off your bucket list. Who knows, maybe it’ll be your next vacation destination! Try foreign cuisines and become cultured during all aspects of your trip.
If you’re unable to call for a cab, download Uber or Lyft onto your cell phone to get a trusted local to drive you to a restaurant or shopping area. The best part about residents driving you is that you can get a great recommendation from someone who lives there! It’s a win-win situation.


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Don’t miss a workout on your vacation.  With a place so large, it’s totally easy to get in some strength exercises as well as some cardio exercises. Whether you’re just power walking or plan to do some yoga, there is definitely a section in each airport where you can get away peacefully. You can do this without even stepping into a VIP private lounge! Who knows, you may meet a few workout buddies along the way.
Some waiting areas are empty. These are the best places to set your things aside, take out a mat (if you have one) and get down to work. Keep yourself energized during your layover so you won’t miss your flight. You won’t be bored and you’ll be able to feel great while waiting on your plane!
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If you’re not into working out and you’ve been traveling for days, you should probably check into one of the airport lounges that are offered. If you have a membership, you’ll be able to go in no problem. But if you’re not used to airports, you’ll have to pay a one time full-day fee in order to go in.
Typically, airport lounges include Wi-Fi, snacks, drinks, magazines, complimentary magazines, entertainment, showers and more!
So what’s offered? There are typically bars, showers, beds and more in airport lounges. You can totally relax away from thousands of people in your own little area. Why don’t you grab your laptop and watch Netflix? If your airport is out of the US/Canada, you’ll have to unblock Netflix because of geographical restrictions.
So grab a drink and a snack, kick back and lay down while watching Netflix. Airport lounges are practically hotels for you to visit on your own time. If you ever have the money, try to use the airport lounges as hotels when you’re traveling! In the long run, you can get luxury stays for an annual price. Hotels can get pricey, but if you love traveling, you may be able to give it up.

People Watch
People watching is fun but it doesn’t have to be mean. There are plenty of things you can do that involve others around you. After all, airports have thousands of people in them daily.
Scavenger Hunt
You can easily compile a list of things to find such as certain items of clothing, certain types of people, people who look like celebrities and more! Winner has to pay for the next fast food meal during the layover.

Phone Call Mad Lib
Have you and your friends check for a person or a group of people having a conversation. Try to ad-lib what they’re saying and create funny dialogue without interrupting the person!

People Bingo
This is like the scavenger hunt, except make a bingo card filled with what to find! You can choose the prizes or the bets and it may take your whole layover to win! How fun. These are definitely suggestions that will help it go by much quicker if you have nothing else to do.

Airport layovers don’t have to be tough, but they are what you make it. So don’t make it a bad time by moping around! Do something fun or productive and enjoy your stay, even if it’s only for a few hours. There is so much to do in the world around you. 

~ Jess 

(Photo Credit: Jess from Tripelio)

Jess has been traveling with her parents before she was even born. “Even in the womb, I was able to travel all over the place! Boy, did things NOT change as I grew older! Knowing there’s more to the world than the bubble I live in made me want to travel even further. Traveling is my drug and I’m addicted. (Please no intervention!) Find me at Tripelio.” 

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