Guest Post: How to Dress for a Long Haul Flight

(The beautiful Eleni)

 To finish off the month of March, and Women’s History Month, I have invited one of my most fashionable friends Eleni to guest blog her fashion tips for how to dress for a long haul flight. Eleni is the host of the fashion blog Bijuleni, so be sure to check out some of her fashion tips and travel experiences as well! 

Hello,my cyber flaneurs! I've been a long-time admirer of Drea's
travels all around the world and her ability to travel on a budget.
When she asked me to guest post, my immediate answer was yes!A little
bit about me: My name is Eleni and I'm a suburban girl turned into a
city girl.I live in Toronto sans puppy, sans roommate, mostly because
I struggle on a daily basis as to where I can store all my clothing. I
have a site called Bijuleni where I blog about fashion,travel and the
occasional lifestyle inspiration. 

I love travelling and discovering different cultures, and Drea's blog
is always inspiring me to plan my next trip. Having done a bit of
travelling myself, as a female I had to learn the hard way what not to
wear during long flights. The following are my recommendations and my
own personal preference of how to travel comfortably for long flights. 

What to wear 

Leggings or pants - There is a reason why we don't sleep in jeans.They
are uncomfortable and they restrict blood circulation. Especially if
you wear skinny jeans like me. Opt for loose fitting pants or cotton
leggings that will give your skin the room it needs to breathe. 

Airy/Comfortable tops - Airy tops or anything you deem comfortable.
You will be stuck wearing this top for hours. Make sure it is
something you love and will not make you uncomfortable during your
flight. I once wore a wool sweater that made me itchy during my entire
flight. I was miserable for hours. 

Bring with you a cardigan - Even when travelling during the summer I
bring a cardigan with me. Reason why? Airplanes tend to crank up the
AC and when you are travelling for 12 hours the last thing you want is
to be cold during the entire flight. You will get cranky, you will get
agitated, hello you will catch a cold! I usually opt for an oversized
cardigan that is also a thick material. You can never be warm enough
and I find just a blanket is never enough. 

Flats or Uggs - You want shoes that you can easily slip on and off.
There's nothing I dislike more than tying and untying shoe laces at
the checkpoint, or wanting to go to the bathroom on the airplane and I
have to struggle to put my boots back on. During summer I opt for
flats, if I travel in the winter, I wear a pair of Uggs because you
can easily take them off.

Handbag - Because I do not travel light, I carry with me an oversized
tote, that in some ways I use as an additional carry on.Since as women
we are entitled to a purse, I always get away with an oversized
handbag. Shhh don't tell Air Canada. 

What not wear - jeans, shorts, heels, dress, skirt.

Those are my suggestions for what to wear while travelling long
flights. Remember: we all love being stylish while travelling, but
being comfortable always comes first. Safe travels and hope to see you
soon on my site for more fashion inspirations. 



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