Bosnia in Pictures

(The streets of Sarajevo)

Since my last post, Serbia in Pictures, was very popular, I have decided to create a similar one with some of my favourite photos from Bosnia as well. I will do the same for other countries that I have visited over the next little while, so be sure to check out where I have been and comment down below if there is a country you would like to see and I will do my best to get some photos uploaded as soon as possible. Enjoy and feel free to share! 

(One of my favourite Bosnian foods, Burek)
(Bascarsija in Sarajevo)
(An orthodox church in Sarajevo)
(A traditional Bosnian home. This happens to be the house where Ivo Andric was born, located in Travnik)
(Sarena Dzamija, or the Decorated Mosque, in Travnik)
(Despite what people might say, Travnik has the BEST cevapi in the world. Be sure to go to Cevabdzinica Hari if you are in the area) 
(The walls of the fortress of Travnik)
(Another view of the Travnik Fortress)
(View of Travnik from the fortress)
(Etno Selo Cardaci in Vitez)
(Beautiful sunset in Sarajevo)
(Streets of Andricgrad in Visegrad)
(A recently built tourist attraction, Andricgrad)
(The bridge on the Drina River, Visegrad)
(Andricgrad restaurant)
(Art Academy in Sarajevo)

For more photos, in particular photos taken in the Bosnian mountains (which are absolutely gorgeous), please check out the Facebook page of my family friend Haris, who organizes mountain climbing trips throughout the Balkans. I unfortunately did not get a chance to take part in a mountain climbing adventure in Bosnia, but am hoping to do so in the spring.

Happy Travels Everyone!


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