5 Days in Barcelona: Day 2

Barcelona was so great that I have decided that I need to share my 5 day Barcelona experience with all of you as quickly as possible. I recently wrote about what we did on our first day in Barcelona, which was packed with lots of main attractions of the city. Since our second day was calling for rain, we decided to do something indoors, so we went to…

Camp Nou

Home to FC Barcelona, Camp Nou was the only attraction that we paid for to visit on our trip. We went on a Saturday, a day before the Real Madrid vs. FC Barcelona game, so the stadium was packed with tourists. I am not sure if it is always like this, but we had to wait at least 30 minutes in line to purchase our tickets. My advice if you want to check out the stadium is to go on a weekday.

(Some of the many trophies of the club)

The Camp Nou experience includes a self-guided tour of the stadium (headphone set is an additional cost though), and the museum, and it comes with a pretty heavy price (43 euros for two people, and that is WITH a coupon!) 

(Guest Change rooms)

It was pretty cool to see the stadium, but I think it would have been much better if we saw it during a game. The tour took us into the stadium where we watched the FC Barcelona staff set up for next day’s game, to the press area, to the visitor change rooms, to the stadium’s alter where players can pray before a game, to the hallway where the players enter the field, and to the commentator box. 

(The press area)

Overall would I say the 43 euros was worth it? Well, it was a pretty cool experience but I think the price is a bit much. Would I recommend it? Probably only to football (aka soccer) super fans. Radojko loved the experience, and I know he did because he was smiling like a kid in a candy store in any picture I took of him. 

Las Arenas 

After the stadium, we headed over to Las Arenas Shopping Center but did not stay long when we saw the beautiful fountains of Font Magica in the distance. Las Arenas is an old bull fighting ring arena that has been converted into a shopping center. The stores there are definitely not for the bargain hunter. 

Font Magica 

This was one of my favourite highlights of the trip! If you come to see the fountains, definitely come at night time to watch the show. The fountains are lit up with lights and music is played to match the flow of the fountain. 

The Museau Nacional is a beautiful backdrop for these fountains, a beautiful and romantic place to go with your loved one for an evening stroll. Best part, it is FREE! 

Have you seen any of these attractions while in Barcelona? If so please share your thoughts below! 


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