Welcome to my blog!

Hi Everyone!

I have been wanting to start a blog to capture all my travels for both personal reasons, and to share with the world, but have been constantly putting it off. After traveling to Montreal, Quebec this past weekend with a friend, I decided that this would be as good of time as any to get started.

A bit about me: I have traveled to 15 countries, mainly in North America and Europe, but am hoping to continue to increase that number soon. What countries have I visited? I have been to:

Bosnia and Herzegovina
Czech Republic
United States

(I do not own the rights to the photo above, but it is a picture I like quite a lot)

Each country was beautiful and had something unique to offer. I will do my best to share my experiences as they come up, and also take some time to reflect on my travels from the past. I am planning on doing more traveling around Europe this summer while I go to teach English over the summer (unless something else comes up), so there should be plenty for me to share in the months to come.

With this blog I hope to share my adventures, provide some reviews and opinions on places I have visited, share tips, open your eyes to the many great places our world has to offer, and whatever else I feel is worth sharing.

Feel free to leave me comments, suggestions (I am new to this after all and will be happy to receive constructive criticism, anything just plain rude will not be shared or tolerated), and to share with your friends. You can also follow my adventures on Instagram (I post pictures there almost daily) by following me under my username drea_wanderlust.

Thanks for stopping by!


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6 thoughts on “Welcome to my blog!”

  1. Congratulations girl! Looking forward to reading about your travels. Looks like we've been to quite a few of the same countries 🙂 I might be going to Serbia later this year. Will have to pick your brain about it.

  2. Thanks Karlie! I enjoy reading your blog as well!

    Feel free to ask me questions about Serbia. I might be spending my summer there teaching so I will be sure to have some posts about my adventures 🙂

  3. I wish you all the best with your blog and many many interesting journeys throughout our beautiful planet. I might join you to some of those sometimes 🙂

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