Things From Home I Take for Granted When Traveling

Since I downloaded the Blogger app to my phone I decided I would write my first post with it. This post is about things I take for granted from home that I only notice when I am traveling. I realize that most of these will sound like first world problems, but they are meant to outline a list of things I take for granted when I am at home

– Hot water – in my house I have a water heater that is on all the time, in the basement, warming up the water 24/7. In Serbia, for example, most people have water heaters inside their bathtubs that you have to warm up before showering, and often the warm water runs out before you can finish rinsing your hair. This all depends on where you stay, but even in hotels the water can run out. Luckily I have not had too many cold showers but it has happened in the past

– Toilet Paper – for some reason, toilet paper in Europe feels like wiping with brown paper towels from North America. I miss the softness of Charmin TP! Those red bears sure know a thing or two about toilet paper. 

– Cost of Living – in relation to Europe, Canada seems to have a more reasonable cost of living. The prices here just don’t seem to add  up to the wages.

– Air conditioning – a lot of places have ac yet no one wants to turn them on.  In the Balkans it is because they believe that “promaja ce te ubiti”, translation, “the draft will kill you”. I can respect people not wanting to turn them on in their home, but in public places and public transportation there is no reason not to (especially on a crammed bus in the middle of the afternoon on a hot summer day)  when the unit is there and ready to be used. 

– My Canadian citizenship – I love being a Canadian and am proud to be Canadian. I often don’t think about how privileged I am to live in Canada until I actually leave. I could write a whole post as to why Canada is the best country in the world, but I will save that for another day. In the meantime,  thank you Canada for everything!  

– Public Transportation – if you have been on a bus in the Balkans, you know what should be a 6 hour bus ride can quickly turn into 8. The bus drivers tend to stop in every village along the way and pick up everyone plus their uncle. 

– Cashiers with change – most stores I enter here in Serbia seem to not have change. Some cashiers like to peek in your wallet to see if you have change. If you don’t they will often give you back less than you are owed.

– My own bed and pillow – nothing is as comfortable as the comfort of your own home, but especially your bed and pillow. 

What do you take for granted from home that you miss while traveling? Please share below. 


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  1. American breakfast! I spent 2 months in Europe and could not find a single place that could do it even halfway decent haha. I missed eggs, bacon and hashbrowns something fierce.

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