#TBT: San Diego Zoo!

Exactly a year ago, Phil and I were in California, more specifically, at the San Diego Zoo. Since today is “Throwback Thursday”, I figured I would write a short post (I will try to keep them as short as possible going forward), about my favourite zoo: the San Diego Zoo!
If you are in San Diego, and have a day to spend at the zoo, I HIGHLY recommend it! Even if you are in Los Angeles, I would recommend renting a car and taking a drive down to San Diego for the day (that is what we did). This was by far the coolest zoo I have ever been to. Not only is it filled with lots of really neat animals you would not be able to see at other zoos, the zoo is also rich in vegetation. The zoo strives to make sure that each animal is eating food from its natural habitat so a lot of very neat plants that are normally not home to North America are grown here.

They even had the carnivorous plant that eats flies!

And I saw how an pineapple actually grows…

Since the zoo is huge, we started off our day by taking the free bus tour that was offered at the zoo. This tour covers a large area of the zoo so you are able to get an idea of what animals you want to see, and what animals you are ok not seeing (we ran out of time to see everything so we had to prioritize). The animal I wanted to see the most was the Panda Bear. At the time, we didn’t have pandas at the Toronto Zoo. They were pretty entertaining to watch, especially the baby panda that seemed to be causing trouble for his mom who was just trying to eat.

If you are short on time, the animals I would recommend seeing are the pandas, the Koala Bears (although all they do is sleep)

any of the monkeys or apes (they are always entertaining)

and the Okapi (probably because you have never even heard of this animal…I know I didn’t!)

This guy is pretty cool too!

3 Tips for the San Diego Zoo

1. If you want to see as many animals as possible, then it is best you arrive close to the opening time.

2. You can find coupons for the San Diego Zoo at many tourist information booths. Collect the number you need and bring them to the zoo with you.

3. Take the free tour around the zoo at the start of your day so that you can see which animals and exhibits will be of interest to you. This way, if you run out of time, at least you got to see some of the animals during the tour. Sit at the second level of the bus for the best view and photo opportunities.

I want to hear from YOU!

I would like to hear from you if you have been to the San Diego Zoo. Do you have any other tips to add? What animals did you like?

If you haven’t been, I want to hear from you as well! Is there an animal you would love to see?

And don’t forget to check out my Instagram page @drea_wanderlust for more photos from my day at the zoo!

Happy Travels Everyone!


3 thoughts on “#TBT: San Diego Zoo!”

  1. Animals are cool but i'm amazed that there is a plant that eats flies! Did you witness it eating any flies??

  2. Hey Jen,
    I heard of this plant when I was younger but didn't think it actually existed. Unfortunately we didn't get to see it in action. Maybe next time!

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