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(Lufthansa Plane parked at Munich Airport)
Surprisingly with all of the times that I have flown to Europe, this was my first time flying with Lufthansa. Below I will write about my experience on board my flight from Toronto to Munich, and from Munich to Belgrade.


At the Airport 

Check in was quick and easy, even with my extra piece of luggage I took with me. The only mistake I made was not checking in online before getting to the airport, as I got stuck with an aisle seat (see my post about Airplane Etiquette about my feelings on aisle seats). I normally do this, but was overwhelmed with the packing that I did not get around to doing it before I left (three months is a long time after all!)

When I got to my gate, I was greeted with live Bavarian music, complimentary food and drinks, and a photo booth station. 

(Anyone who knows me knows how much I love pretzels. Thanks Lufthansa!)

Now this isn’t typical for every flight with Lufthansa (although I really enjoyed the atmosphere and I think it would be nice to be included), the airline was celebrating their inaugural flight from Toronto to Munich. It was definitely a great and fun way to start off my trip. 

(Letter and bookmark from Lufthansa)
On Board

I was lucky enough that my seat was at the front of economy class when I got on board. I was unlucky, however, that a drunk Russian man was sitting behind me. Half way through the flight I had to change seats as he would not stop hitting the back of mine with his head (yup, his head), and when I asked him to stop he started yelling at me. I didn’t want to deal with him as he was pounding back those glasses of wine like no other, so I called a flight attendant to deal with it. She was able to move me to another seat (aisle again), and I am pleased that she was able to do it quickly as he was becoming verbally aggressive. 

The on flight entertainment is kind of crappy on this flight. There are very few options, or at least I thought so. I am actually writing this blog post on board the flight to keep myself entertained for the last hour or so.
Food for dinner was so so, your typical bland airline food. I have yet to have a good meal on a flight that is as good as the one that I had on Turkish Airlines.

The aircraft seemed to be pretty new, and the seats were comfortable. Later this year Lufthansa will be introducing the economy comfort class, and if I get a chance to fly with them again, I will try to upgrade to that as the seats look even more comfortable, especially for a tall person like me! Also, this aircraft had internet, but I did not use it as I did not want my cellphone provider to charge me a ridiculous fee. 


The service was fantastic! This was by far the friendliest crew I have ever flown with. The first chance I get I intend on sending a letter to Lufthansa to recognize the great service of the crew. Remember the drunk Russian? Well when I moved to a new seat, one of the other flight attendants noticed that I was no longer in my original seat so she asked that man where I had gone and he said to her that I was moved up to first class (HA! I wish!). When she found me she asked if everything was ok and if there was anything else they could do to make my trip more comfortable. It was really great that she did this, and it certainly made me gain a lot of respect for the airline. 


(Watching a plane back up at Munich Airport)

This was a short flight (about an hour and a half), and as I was so exhausted (had not slept in 24 hours by this point), I was just happy to be on the flight to my final destination. I did not eat the food as it was some vegetarian sandwich that did not look very appetizing to me. 

The crew on this flight were not even on the same level as the previous flight. One of the flight attendants had spilled my water all over me and the passenger sitting next to me, and the apology seemed forced and insincere. One of the other flight attendants looked like she had just got out of a cat fight with someone as her hair was all over the place, just didn’t seem very professional. 

Overall Rating

On a scale of 1 to 10, 1 being horrible and 10 excellent, I would give Lufthansa a 9, but I would give them a 10 for the customer service on board my flight from YYZ to MUC. 

Have you flown with Lufthansa before? Let me know what your experience was like and how you would rate them on a scale of 1 to 10. 

Happy Travels Everyone!


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