Free Things To Do In Seoul – Banpo Bridge

One of the first “touristy” attractions we went to see in Seoul was the Banpo Bridge. Located in the Banpo area, on the south side of the Hangang River, the bridge offers a beautiful 20 minute show (check times of the show here) of the water being flown out of the side of the bridge, and illuminated by a rainbow of colours. Banpo Bridge is also called the “Singing Bridge” and it is so because of the music that is played during the time of the show. The bridge itself is nothing spectacular, but the atmosphere is well worth the visit. Best part is that it is free!

There was even a big screen set up that was playing a video of a symphony
Despite being called a tourist attraction, there were many Koreans enjoying the beautiful Saturday evening by the Han River. Many packed picnics, drinks, and blankets to enjoy the show and the good company of their friends. I was happy to see so many locals enjoying this beautiful area, especially since I know for myself personally, I often take for granted the beauty of my own backyard when I am home in Canada.
Beside the Banpo Bridge, there are also two beautiful buildings located on Seoraeseom island, that are also lit up with changing colours. We entered one of these building, which housed a banquette hall and a couple of restaurants, including an all-you-can-eat buffet which cost 55,000 won (approximately $60 Canadian), a bit out of my price range that is for sure!
Outside of these buildings we saw a number of people taking boat rides, but I did not look into the price of the ride. There are also walking and bike trails that take you along the Hangang River, a must for those who enjoy staying active while traveling.
Getting to Banpo Bridge
Although the Banpo Bridge is not located right next to a subway stop, it is a short (10-15 minute walk) away from the subway lines 3, 7, and 9. Be sure to check what is the fastest way to get to the bridge from where you are, using either Google Maps, or better yet, download Seoul’s Subwayapplication on your phone which does not require Wi-Fi or a data plan.
Happy Travels Everyone! 

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