Five Places I Would Love To Visit Again…And Again

In September I was nominated by Jens from Vagabond’s Log blog to write a post about five places that I would love to visit again as part of‘s Top Destinations to Go There campaign. As the past few months have been very hectic in my life (to say the least), I am finally taking a moment to recall the five place that I would love to visit again. So what is this campaign? It is an opportunity for travel bloggers to share their top five favourite places that they have visited and that they would visit again. It also asks that travel bloggers nominate five more travel bloggers to share their favourite travel destinations. So without further ado, here are my top five places I would love to visit again and again.

1. Venice, Italy

I cannot express how much I love Italy! Out of all of the places that I have visited, Italy tops them all. By far! From amazing food, to beautiful cities and people, Italy is a place I highly recommend everyone to visit at some point in their life. Venice would be the city I would recommend visiting (out of the ones that I have visited) as it is a very unique city…their main “streets” are actually canals! If you need an reason to go asap, listen to what the people are saying: Venice is sinking.

2. San Diego, California 

After Italy, California is the next location I would recommend visiting, and would love to visit again (or move to). Like Italy, California has a lot to offer, from history, to culture, beautiful landscapes and weather. A city I would highly recommend is San Diego. I fell in love with this city, and if I ever live in California, this is a city I would want to live in. While in San Diego you should set some time aside to visit the San Diego Zoo and Balboa Park. 

3. Sequioa National Forest, California 

Like I said before, California has beautiful nature that is a must see. One of the highlights from my California trip was seeing the friendly giants while visiting the Sequioa National Forest, and walking along the Trail of 100 Giants. You can read more about my time visiting these friendly giants on my post about the Trail of 100 Giants. It is well worth the visit! Next time I will plan on camping there for a few days.

4. Shenandoah National Park, Virginia 

I wish I had access to a more beautiful picture that I took in Shenandoah National Park, but with all my belongings in Canada, and with me in Serbia, this picture that I had saved on Facebook will have to do. The park is beautiful! I had a chance to camp here for one night, on the top of one of the mountains (cannot recall the exact name now), on the last night of my east coast USA road trip. I would love to return here again in the fall time, as pictures that I have seen on the internet prove that this is a beautiful place during the autumn. I would also love to camp here for at least a week, in order to truly enjoy everything that this park has to offer.

5. Havana, Cuba

(Photo credit must be given to my sister Natasa)

I visited Havana as part of an excursion offered by the travel agency I had booked my all inclusive resort vacation with. Of course, the excursion only showed us limited parts of the city. My sister went on a self guided tour of Havana in the spring of 2013, and after seeing her pictures, I want to go visit this beautiful city again and explore it on my own terms. And I want to do this before it is too late, as I see that Cuba is changing more and more each time I visit (in a negative sense).

So those are my top five places I would love to visit again. Since I was nominated, it is my turn to do the same. I nominate my top five favourite travel bloggers (in no particular order) to participate and do the same. Looking forward to your responses:

What are your top five travel destinations?

Happy Travels Everyone!


6 thoughts on “Five Places I Would Love To Visit Again…And Again”

  1. Hey Andrea, thank you for these recommendations! I also love San Diego, it's really beautiful. All the best from Switzerland, Kim

  2. Hi Andrea- Thank you for the nomination! I'm getting my post up today, can't wait to relive some great memories. Love all the places you have picked- Venice is top of my places to go to in 2015! Sarah from xx

  3. Looking forward to seeing your top 5 nominations! Venice is a must see! I absolutely loved it. I also saw the most handsome man I have ever seen in my life while I was in Venice…an added bonus 😉

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