First Days in Belgrade

So I have been in Belgrade now for four full days, most of which were spent visiting with family. As I just don’t have time to individually update each one of my friends back home (I love you all but it is getting a bit overwhelming writing to each on of you), my post will give you a quick update on my Balkan adventures.

Friday, June 6, 2014

This day was spent sleeping since I did not sleep for 28 hours, catching up with my cousin, and eating. Nothing adventurous. Oh I guess the only exciting thing (besides seeing my cousin) was meeting a handball player from the Serbian national team, and not even knowing it.

Saturday, June 7, 2014

First time I ventured out of the house to the market. I absolutely love the markets here!

Unlike back home, the markets are open every day (or at least here they are). The sellers we met were really friendly, and my cousin even got some free fruits (perks of being pregnant).

The afternoon was spent eating delicious food and enjoying my uncle’s company as he came for a visit.

In the evening I got to drive around Belgrade (not my first time though). Driving here can get overwhelming if you are a passive driver, which thankfully I am not 😉 People seem to have no patience, streets are narrow in comparison to North American streets (can’t help but picture all those people that drive in the middle of a wide road to avoid hitting a parked car, when there is enough room for two cars to easily pass by…they would have a panic attack here!), and traffic lights are off to the side which are easy to miss at first. What I love is that the lights count down from red, yellow, to green. We need that in Canada!

Sunday, June 8, 2014

I got to meet the newest addition to our family, baby Tea. She is just too cute for words!

I also watched Djokovic lose to Nadal, but let’s not bring that up to the people here.

In the evening my cousin and I watched a beautiful sunset, but silly me, I only took one picture that didn’t really capture the real deal.

(No filter was used, everything did really look this orange)

Monday, June 9, 2014

Today was a busy day, and both Nevena and I got overwhelmed. We first went to meet my soon to be manager (I am here to teach English over the summer in case you are wondering what I am doing in Serbia). I got to meet some of my colleagues as well, and now I am excited to start teaching at the end of this month.

After my meeting, we went for walk at Ada Ciganlija. I have always wanted to go here, but yet every time I came to visit in Belgrade, I never got around to it. I loved it there! The island has a lot of cafes to choose from, but I cannot recommend one as we were in a hurry and did not get a chance to sit down for a drink. There is also a beach with lots of lounge chairs and places to tan. I saw some people swimming, but I did not go in myself.


There are also bike trails for those of you who enjoying biking, and you can even rent a bike right on the island. I am not sure of the cost, but I will check next time I go.

(Cousin Nevena walking on one of the trails)

From Ada Ciganlija you can also see the new Ada Bridge. It is absolutely gorgeous at night, so I will make a trip in the evening so I can snap some photos.

(Ada Bridge in the background)

After Ada Ciganlija, I went to visit two more cousins and my aunt (I have a lot of family here). I also had my first doctor experience, but I might write more about that later.

Now it is bedtime so to my dear friends and family back home, just know I am having a good time and I look forward to seeing you all again soon! To my lovely followers, I hope you will enjoy reading about my adventures over the next three months.

Kisses from Belgrade,


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  1. I have been so many times in Belgrade, but never been at Ada Ciganlija. Ada is on my list to next trip to Belgrade.
    Thank you Andrea for great tips and photos.


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