6 Free Things To Do In New York City

If you follow me on my multiple social media platforms, you would have seen the article that I shared which was written by my dear friend Guillermo from You’reWelcome.Ca on how to Save a Buck or Two While Visiting New York During Winter. His article makes note of where to stay, where to go, where to eat and drink, and what to do. As promised, I have decided to write an article of my own that shares some of the free things you can do in NYC. I have been to NYC two times, and both times were on a cheap student budget. Free is, after all, my favourite word in the English language. And despite what some people may think, NYC can be done on a budget with the right planning. 

1. The Brooklyn Bridge
(Boardwalk on the Brooklyn Bridge)
I loved walking across the Brooklyn Bridge. Not only was it free, but it offered some beautiful views and photo ops of the city. There is a pedestrian designated zone so do not fear being run over by any vehicles. 
(View of Manhattan from the Brooklyn Bridge)
*TIP* If going in the summer months, be sure to visit the bridge in the morning or late evening as there is no shade and you will get super hot super fast. Also be sure to bring sun protection. 

2. The Museums 
(The Metropolitan Museum aka The MET)
Many of the museums in NYC can be visited for free on certain days, so be sure to check the websites of the museums you want to visit and go visit them on those days. Also, if you pay attention to the pricing guide at some of the museums, such as the MET, you will see that the prices are suggestions only. So what does this mean? That means that the prices listed are the suggested prices, but you can pay less than what is advertised. 

3. People Watch 
(Times Square is the best place to people watch in NYC)
NYC is a great place to people watch. You will see ALL sorts of people from different walks of life. Best places to do this would be sitting on a park bench or in Times Square. You will be entertained while taking a break from all the sightseeing you are sure to do. 

4. The New York City Public Library
(The front of the NYC Public Library)
This is probably one of my most favourite attractions in the city. This could be the nerd in me who loves to study in a library (after all, I am a lifelong learner it seems). Be sure to make a stop there. For the Sex and the City fans, this is also where Carrie gets stood up by Mr. Big on their wedding day. 

(Inside the library)
5. Staten Island Ferry 
(Staten Island Ferry Boat)
Want to get up close and personal to the Statue of Liberty but don’t want to pay the price it costs to take you to her directly? Take a ride on the Staten Island Ferry for some great shots of the statue and of the NYC skyline. 

6. Picnic in Central Park 
(Skyline view from Central Park)
You are sure to get hungry while you are walking around the city, so why not take a break and have lunch in Central Park? Grab food from one of the many street vendors (they are both delicious and affordable) or pack your own lunch and go for a picnic in Central Park. You will surely feel like a New Yorker as this seems to be the place where New Yorkers love to hang out.  
(One of the many beautiful fountains of Central Park)
Are there any other free things that I missed? Please share in the comments below so we can all take advantage of these free things when visiting the Big Apple! 

Happy Travels Everyone!


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