20 Holiday Gift Ideas For Your Beloved Traveler

Now that Black Friday has come and gone, most people are starting to think about the craziest time of year: The Christmas Holidays. Each year, thousands of people struggle with what to get their loved ones. Although the holidays should really be about spending quality time with those you love, not material possessions, it appears that most people still want to spend hundreds of dollars on lavish gifts. So, I have decided to write a guide on what you can buy for someone who loves to travel, for all budgets. And let’s face it…who doesn’t love to travel? 

1. An Airline Gift Card 

Airlines are now selling gift cards. Find out which airline your loved one travels with and help pay towards their next trip. Every bit counts! 

2. A Weekend Getaway

Those that love to travel also love to get away even for a couple of days on the weekend. Check your local Groupon to see if there are any deals being offered for a nearby bed and breakfast, resort, etc. 

3. Luggage 

A traveler always needs luggage. Suitcases get beat up when they are tossed back and forth from the plane by baggage handlers. My favourite are the hard shell suitcases as they are more durable. 

4. Photo Album

Although most people seem to not print pictures these days, it is still nice to print even a couple of photos to put in an album to share with friends and family. There is nothing worse than sitting through and looking at 20 photos of the same thing that a friend took on their vacation. People lose interest quickly. So allow your traveler to print a small amount to share with you the next time they go on a trip. Saves you time and keeps them busy. 

5. A Pocket Sized Journal

Although not everyone might keep a journal while travelling, it is nice to have one with you to take along. This is an especially great gift idea for a travel blogger as it allows them to keep notes of places they visited for future posts. 

6. Map of the World 

Those who travel love looking at maps to see where they will go next. Although they can look at a map on the internet, why not get a map that they can hang and look at every day?

7. Luggage Tags

Help your traveler out by buying them luggage tags that help them notice their luggage in the sea of bags as they come off the conveyor belt. I would avoid buying ones that say which country they are from just to avoid any theft from baggage handlers. 

8. Luggage Locks

Help your traveler not have belongings stolen from their bag by getting them locks for their luggage. Thieves work quickly, so preventing easy access will help your traveler from having a headache before their vacation even starts.  

9. Travel Towel 

Buy them a travel towel that dries quickly so that they can store it in their bag when they are on the go. Nothing worse than a damp towel when moving from place to place. 

10. Liquid Containers for Carry On 

Since most airports are strict with the liquids you bring on board, help your traveler out by buying them reusable liquid containers that are carry on approved. Most airlines allow 100ml bottles, up to 1L in total for carry on. 

11. Cosmetics Travel Bag 

Both men and women need a cosmetics bag when traveling to make carrying everyday cosmetics simple. For women, be sure to check out my friend Cheryl‘s Guest Post on Tips For Packing Your Travel Makeup Bag. She is a pro when it comes to makeup after all!

12. Lonely Planet or Frommer’s Travel Guide

If you know that your loved one has a trip planned to a location they have not been to, be sure to pick up a guide to their destination at your local bookstore. Lonely Planet and Frommer’s are my go to guides. 

13. Waterproof Camera 

There have been many times I have gone swimming in the ocean, lake, sea, or pool where I wish I had a waterproof camera to capture some great moments. 

14. Extra Batteries

Find out the camera that your beloved has and buy extra batteries. You can also buy extra batteries for other electronics that you know they will use on their trip such as phones. 

15. Electricity Converters 

Electricity varies around the globe so be sure to pick up a set of electricity converters for your beloved to take with them wherever they may go. 

16. Rain Gear

A pocket sized umbrella and a compact rain coat will help prevent a perfect vacation from being ruined by rain. Look for something light and small, but durable. 

17. Ear Plugs

Nothing worse than not being able to sleep while traveling. I always pack a couple pairs of ear plugs to have on the plane and at the hotel to be able to get some peace and quiet. 

18. Eye Mask

For the long-haul and red-eye flights, eye masks make sleeping on a plane possible. 

19. Plane Ticket

If you have the money and budget to afford it, why not pay for a plane ticket? 

20. Money

If your beloved traveler is picky and you are afraid of buying them the wrong thing, you can always give them money, whether that be in your own currency or a foreign one. You can never go wrong with money. 

I hope that list helps!

Happy Travels and Holidays Everyone!


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